April 14, 2008


Lookie what we pulled from our garden today.

I can't believe how quickly they went from seed to this.

The peppers are well on their way.

As well as the blackberries.

The fig tree is also showing signs of swelling buds. We are going to have tons of figs this year.
Anybody want to trade food this summer? A co-op from our own gardens!


Christina said...

Oh my how I wish I had a green thumb! My dad had a huge garden growing up, and I miss it terribly...but I tend to kill every plant I touch. *sigh* I am trying a few potted tomatoes this year, tho!

In answer to your question, no I do not shoot in RAW. I'm a bit intimidated by the idea! I just shoot jpgs and edit in PS-Elements 2.0. I would like to try RAW eventually, tho...

Mia's Mama said...

Gorgeous rabanos! Mmmmm blackberries! Wish I had something to trade other than rosemary :)

We're in the market for a house, so next year, we'll have a garden and be ready to trade away!

C-man and Mama said...

Up for a trade if we yield enough!