April 15, 2008


Made some Chia Caterpillars with the O'Mamas and their kiddies today, to finish off our caterpillar theme. The kiddies will be able to spray water their chia pets and see them grow. We had planned to finalize the theme with a butterfly release next week, but it looks like all our larvae succumbed before they could complete their metamorphosis. Oh well. Maybe next time.




C-man and Mama said...

Where are his eyes? He is blind...lol! We had fun doing this project but the real fun will be the watering and trimming of these Chias!!

Mia's Mama said...

Yeah, that one's ours...no eyes. I haven't put them on yet, and I'm getting used to him without them. His curly antenae are super cute..huh?

Andrea said...

Ours still don't have eyes.