April 22, 2008

Reggae Fest - Austin, TX

"Well reggae music is a music created by Rasta people. And it carry force of people riddum.
Ya know it's a riddum of people workin, people moving; ya know." -Bob Marley









Definitely an interesting place for people watching. I discovered that I'm timid with my camera when trying to take pictures of people I don't know. I walked around shilly-shallying while holding my camera but not getting the courage up to snap away at what I REALLY wanted. So, I ended up with several photos of merchandise for sale and the backs of people's heads. There are more shots, but don't want to mix those up with this blog.


Christina said...

What a fun place! I am the same way, self conscious to take pictures in public. The ones you got are great, tho.

We are thinking about a week-long vacation to Autin this summer. What are some good things to do with a 2 year old???

Vick said...

Great pics! I wish I had known about this - I love reggae :)

Mel said...

Nice job! It was so freakin' sunny it must have been hard to get good pics...