April 14, 2008

Palmetto State Park

Went camping this weekend with the familia and were accompanied by my cousins and some friends. And it was nice. The weather was a bit cooler than expected in the evenings, however, since we were at a state park, we were within driving distance of stores. I considered it 'easy camping'. The boys enjoyed the trail walks, the canoeing, and the campfire. Sophia was very calm and quiet too.

There was a 'episode' with canoeing (when the boys went off on their own). Luckily, Doug decided to accompany them. The boys saw a water snake, which was 'standing up' a few feet from them, and according to Domi, it whipped his head around, and gave them the stare down, which was followed by a Domi panic, which resulted in a tipped over canoe, and some dunked and soggy teenagers. It's not a real camping trip, unless someone falls in the water.

Notes to self:
Learn how to pack lighter.
Make sure you have a compatible air pump for your air mattresses.
Don't choose a campsite smack dab in front of the playground. That was ALL the kiddies wanted. ;)

I don't know about everybody else, but I'm ready for some more camping.




















Improvising and Adapting.

There's nothing like a warm cup o'jo the morning of camping.



Yvonne in Austin said...

Even with the freezing night time temps (in the mid 30s!), a deflated mattress and screaming babies (not yours) next to our site, we still had a blast! I wish we could go every weekend! Time to plan another...

Andrea said...

what is THAT cold? wow! And we survived.

That's funny about the screaming infant(s) next to your campsite. And all the while, you chose the site NOT next to the playground, yet, you got the wailing infant at 2:00 am and we didn't. LOL!

Where shall we go next?

C-man and Mama said...

Wonderful Pics! I think with each trip there are lessons learned but they always make the best memories.
We are always game for camping I have SO many places we want to go on our list!!

Melissa said...

what a gorgeous weekend. i've never been a camper but now i've got the bug!

Mia's Mama said...

Sooo glad the snake didn't get Domi!
From your gorgeous pics, it looks like you guys had a beautiful time.
A fab continuation to No Child Left Inside :)

Yvonne in Austin said...

Yes, there were two families and two infants next to us in the breast-feeding stage - not sure if it's the best thing to bring infants that screem and need feeding every 3 hours on a camping trip! Then again, I don't have kids so that's easy for me to say. Who knows if I would bring them that young...

Yvonne in Austin said...

I meant "scream".

Andrea said...

what's even worse Yvonne, is that I didn't even notice the typo. That's how bad my mommy-brain is now.