May 20, 2008

Botanical Printmaking with Sculpey

I think I am in love. With Sculpey!

Today I hosted an Art Playdate (with Mama Tanya) and the kiddies got to make botanical prints. As a note: It rocks to cohost playdates (especially the ones that require materials). Mama Tanya picked up the Sculpey for us and rolled them into bolitas for the kiddies. One mama brought items she found on their morning walk, and we plucked botanicals from our trees and garden. The kids pressed the balls (with mom's help) on top of the botanicals (vein side up) and voila! I popped them in the oven and they were ready in 15 minutes. All the kiddies got to take their art home today.

They came out very detailed and better than the homemade playclay I experimented with last week. I think there's a time when it's worth it to invest in good quality art materials, especially if there are to be kept forever.


All of them came out beautiful, but my most favorite one is Che's. It has a very Zen feel to it.
Simple. And it came from a small twig.
Who woulda thought?

Wouldn't these look nice with just a few in a wooden bowl for decoration?
Or poke a hole through it before baking and make earrings, a necklace, or an ornametal gift tag?






anja said...

Wow those are really beautiful keep sakes. I totally missed this one, host once more, I'll be all over it. The bright side is the car did get serviced.

Mia's Mama said...

always LOVE co-hosting with ya, mamacita.

this activity, in particular, yielded amazing results with minimal effort :)