May 07, 2008



A watercolor by Domi.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful!!! He has a lot of talent!

Mia's Mama said...

That's so amazing! I had SUCH a hard time with my watercolor class. He's using several techniques to either 'control' or let it 'flow'. The colors didn't get muddy or anything. How long has he been working in watercolors? OH his sense of perspective is super fab, too!

Ok, enough critiquing :)

Andrea said...

This is his first 'official' art class, but he's been playing with watercolors since he was a wee one. When he first started Art this year, he was very bored. But we told him they start with the foundations of certain things first for a reason. He prefers to sketch at the moment.

I may add some more from his journal, with his permission. He's created a map of the city in his novel.


Mia's Mama said...

'He's created a map of the city in his novel.'

OMG Please tell me he's READING a novel...not WRITING one!!! I wouldn't put anything past that smart & creative cookie!

Andrea said...

Yes, he's WRITING a novel.
It's very deep, so he said he rewrote chapter 1, which I believe is titled "Spiritual Awakening".

Says it may take a couple years for him to finish.

Mia's Mama said...

Oops! I JUST scrolled down to your previous blog entry all about his novel. *blush*

That's so amazing! Most novels do take a while. It's awesome that he's taking the time to rewrite and just write it in general. Most kids are into instant gratification....I know I still am :)

anja said...

Wow, Andrea that is beautiful, really. I love the flowers in the foreground, what great perspective. The colors are beautiful.they look faded like its a page from an old diary from some decades ago..and the setting too is so beautiful.

He is writing a novel? That's incredible..what a lovely child/man he is. I want to spend more time around Domi..

Vick said...

Wow - that's amazing!!

Yvonne in Austin said...

You need to frame that. I just bought my mom a set of water colors, brushes and paper for mother's day by request - it's totally theraputic and beautiful! I love it :)

Andrea said...

I think I'm going to get him some high quality watercolors for his upcoming birthday. And perhaps frame this piece too.