May 29, 2008


They're swooping through my mother's group and for good reason. Yesterday, I dug though Domi's art bag and pulled out one of his old Mandala books to see if it would help ease my chattering mind. It is said when you look at the designs, you will find a message about an issue you are dealing with. The contemplation and coloring of mandalas is used to slowly release the mind from its ever-present jumble of racing thoughts and results in a stress-free state of being.

It was harder to stay in the lines than expected, but then again, I was using colored pencils, not markers. I also found my hands to be shaky. As if my fine motor skills are not polished anymore because it's just been this long since I've colored? I hardly ever 'write' anymore. I type.

I began to have some clarity on the issue I was dealing with though.



Also played along with the tangram pattern blocks with the tots.



Stephanie said...

I love my mandala book. It has very intricate designs and forces me to concentrate when coloring. Very good for quieting my head.

anja said...

I can't wait to try this at Tanya's place. I do love coloring, I do it often with Anika.

C-man and Mama said...

I love to color! Cant wait for Mandala Night!

C-man and Mama said...
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