May 25, 2008

Shrimp and Crabs

The hubby traveled to Louisiana last week to arrive in time for the opening of the long awaited Shrimp Season. Along with his father and brother, they worked about 10 hour days out at sea. The shrimp were small this year and since they missed 2 days of work due to weather, his trip was extended a bit longer than expected. By the end of the week, I was dying over here from exhaustion of holding the fort down solo for over a week, so he came home before they did all the final prep work (read, deheading) on the shrimp. So, that's what I got to spend all day last monday doing. Helping Mike dehead shrimp. It was pretty gross. However, after about an hour of it and getting past the ick factor, it was manageable and I became quite the quick deheader (is that even a word?). But I probably won't have him do that here again. The patio and yard REEKED of fish for 2 days afterwards. And then my BIL came over to dehead his shrimp. P-U!

I shouldn't complain though, we now have enough shrimp in our freezer to last us until next year.
My hubby is awesome.

Below is my BIL deheading away...



They also caught some blue crabs (and fish too).


Bonnie said...

Craziness. When do we get to come over and eat some?

Stephanie said...

Yeah, what Bonnie said. ;)

Holly Ann said...

Andrea, it is official: Your BIL is the most handsome man ever. Spread the word!