May 28, 2008

Hindi and Bindi

We went to my friend Anja's house for a Hindi and Bindi playdate! I've always been so intrigued by the Indian culture and was excited when we got the opportunity to get more exposure. Anja cut out stencils of our children's names in Hindi, we listened to Indian music, and devoured some delicious samosas. Several of us even donned beautiful Indian clothing--several Salwar Kameez and even a Sari. As always, I was especially taken with little Anika.






Anjalika showing us the map of her hometown.



Sophia's name in Hindi


Christina said...

You guys do SUCH cool stuff! Our playdates usually consist of moms sitting on the couch while the kiddos play, LOL!

anja said...

These pics are just make it look so looked stunning. My husband saw Tanya's pics and said she looks like a beautiful Indian woman=)

Andrea said...

LOL! Yeah, previous couple playgroups I was in, that was the case. I think that's why it's safe to say we're called "The Other Mothers". I LOVE my playgroup. They're amazing women.

Andrea said...

Anja, really? He said I look like an Indian woman? I'm so flattered. ;)

Really though, the women, the culture, the clothing, the people, the music, are all so very beautiful.

Melissa said...

What beautiful pics - I love seeing the world through your eyes.