August 21, 2008


I think this is the first post that isn't accompanied by a photo, however, I felt very excited about a couple things my kids accomplished. Got Domi fitted for his Letterman jacket, which by the way, he earned after only his freshman year and so it was paid for by the band boosters. We added some other frills to it (you gotta have your last name printed on the back, you know), so we had to cover the costs of those added items. But how cool is that, he already has his jacket and he has an All Region Band patch which is ready to be added. And Sophia stayed dry in her training pants for over an hour, we went to the restroom, and she not only sat on the toilet, but even managed to pee in it. A lot.

These are the joys a mother experiences when she has kids that range from teens, to a tot.


Mia's Mama said...

What HUGE accomplishments. I love how you are such a proud mama of your little ducks!

Ginormous props to Domi and Sophia...oh, yeah, while Mia's there on Wednesdays...can you potty train her for me? ;p

Glad Mike was back in time to take Domi for his fitting :)

Seeking Sara said...

How exciting!!!Both! I still remember the day I picked up my letterman's jacket... such pride! and Hooray Sophia!!

C-man and Mama said...

Might be seemingly small to others but us mamas know better! Congrats Domi and way to go Sophia!

Vick said...

Congrats to Domi and yay Sophia!

Stephanie said...

What great milestones!! My little guy is so not interested in the potty at this point. Hopefully he'll be out of diapers by high school.