August 05, 2008

Seattle: Downtown Kirkland

Our first evening in Seattle, we were treated to a terrific sunset dinner on the waterfront in Downtown Kirkland, which is minutes from Dawn and Jeff's home.







Mia's Mama said...

your first shot is simply gorgeous. the rest are fun :)

I'm so happy you had such a fab trip. You deserve it!

C-man and Mama said...

I love the "glow" of the sunset!

Dawn said...

These are so great girl! I just love thinking about our time together- we are so lucky we are still so close chica!
GREAT PICS- i want them! :)

Anonymous said...

Um ok, stop posting pic's from the NW, you are making me SO HOMESICK!!! Glad you had an awesome trip mama! But selfishly, I'm glad you're home :)

Maggie said...

That sunset shot is amazing!

Mel said...

all of these pictures from your trip are awesome! Last pic - What must it be like to have an ass that small? I will never know.