August 06, 2008

Henry and Marley

Anybody who knows me well, understands that I'm not a huge dog lover, especially of BIG dogs that like to constantly lick you, or sit in your lap, and when those big dogs who think they're human and want to sleep in bed with you. It's not that I dislike dogs, I just don't particularly care for their shedding hair everywhere, nor the slobbery, wet licks they smother people with. I've always found it strange when I see owners, not only let their dogs slobber all over their entire faces, but kiss them back at the same time. Ew.

However, when I met Henry, and got to experience his adorable, super fun, and loving personality, he just about converted me. This dog is awesome.

And when he snuck in bed with Liza and I, I didn't even kick him out.



And this is Marley.
So laid back and chill. He's an old soul.



Vick said...

Oh! I {heart} them!! I adore big dogs - my dream is to rescue a mastiff or a Dane one day ...

Mia's Mama said...

I LOVE big dogs, but totally feel ya on the licking thing...ewwwww

I also know how much you DON'T dig 'em, so for you to be converted, these pooches must have been amazing!

Sweet shots :) Especially Henry on the bed :)

Christina said...

That is exactly how I feel about dogs, too...I don't DISlike them but I really don't LIKE them either, and I totally don't understnad people who treat their dogs like their babies!

Dawn said...

ha ha we are those people who treat our dogs like babies!! :)
Andrea these are GREAT shots- i have to have them!!! :)
We don't have any good ones of Marley because he is so dark he never shows up in the pics.
I love the ones of Henry- he is so naughty! :)
you are SOOO good! :)

anja said...

Oh I love these shots, I love these dogs, I'd happilly share my bed with either one of these..those eyes are just to melt into..=)))

Maggie said...

Oh what sweet, sweet pups! That second shot just melts my could you not love a face like that?!

Anonymous said...

And uh the whole smelling-of-the-crotch thing... ewwwwww

but those shots are adorable :)