October 12, 2008

BSM ~ Tender Moments

Friday afternoon, Sophia and I went to visit her cousins. They have such a nice time together, and I love how gentle and tender the girls are with her. They wore themselves out playing outside and jumping on the bed.



I can't get over how the little guy follows the girls all over the place, even outside (without shoes) and the rocks don't even phase him when he walks on them, or even when he falls on them. He just picks himself up and keeps on moving. He climbs into, and onto, EVERYTHING. Yeppers, we even found him in the sink!




These kids just melt their Auntie's heart. I'm so thankful they will have each other growing up because there was a moment in time, a reckless and foolish moment, on our part (the parents), in which they almost didn't even get to know each other. But that all thankfully changed this past summer.

This next photo speaks to me on so many levels.
I know I've said it before, but everytime I look at Serena, I see my mother.
Her brown eyes, fair skin, and red curls get me. Everytime.

This is my Best Shot Monday.



Christina said...

The feet! Oh, the feet! I LOVE it. There's nothing better than the bond between cousins.

Seeking Sara said...

These photos are SO special! I LOVE the feet!! So glad you and your brother patched things up... cousins are so special!

anja said...

love the last shot, when I read the words and saw her face I had goose bumps all over..beautiful shots, as always.

Maggie said...

Like everyone else said, I LOVE the feet shot. And the sink shot -- that is too funny! But the lighting in that last shot? WOW!