October 10, 2008

Our Band Rocks

Hello Blog (and friends),

I know it seems like I've disappeared lately, however, with managing two blogs now, I split what little free time I have between my Om Mami and my Casa T blog.

Wanted to quickly share some exciting band news for Domi. Last weekend, his high school band traveled to Arlington, TX to compete in the Bands of America. Our band placed the highest it has ever placed at a Bands of America event! They placed SECOND in preliminary competition and went on to place SECOND in finals competition to the ranking State Marching Champion of 2006, Marcus High School Band. Other bands represented at the contest were high caliber bands which are sure to be seen at the top of future competitions. Our band was extremely close to taking first place as four out of seven judges had our high school in first place!
I wish you could hear them play. This year's show is incredible. I get chills everytime.

And I'm still that weepy mom that has to fight back tears.





Photos courtesy of the Band Photographers


MGF said...

The clarity you got. I am assuming you used the zoom lens.

Andrea said...

Ah, no, these aren't my images. The band photographers got these!

Mia's Mama said...

How AWESOME! I love marching bands and I love what a proud mama you are :)

Bonnie said...

where is your casa t blog? what a great idea!

Vick said...

Very cool - congrats to Domi and the band!

Bean is in love with marching bands right now. Every day when I pick her up from preschool, we swing by the high school to listen to and watch the band. She's declared that she wants a "small, big tuba" :)

Christina said...

Wow, that is awesome! Go Domi! And, you were in my town. :o)