October 21, 2008

Maker Faire - The DIY folks

On Sunday, Domi, Sophia and I, headed out to the 2nd annual Maker Faire here in Austin, and let me tell you, this event is awesome. It's definitely a place where you can stay all day because there is SO much to do, and it's not all robots! There's crafts and other artsy things, and more. Although, when Domi wanted to go watch the robot matches, I thought to myself that it would be boring, but it was actually entertaining to watch. I think it's the element that they were all DIY robots. There is so much to see there and I don't have the photos to do it justice, just one of those things you have to experience.






I was pushing naptime, by over two hours with Sophia (why oh, why doesn't she just pass out in the stroller like every other toddler in the world?!?), so we had to leave before we got to make all the rounds, but we enjoyed what we saw. Domi was intrigued by all the science and engineering stuff, but he ended up spending the most time at the Austin EcoSchool Booth. I'm not kidding. As soon as he saw their Medieval sign, he was in there before I even realized what the booth was. *I've been admiring The Austin EcoSchool's website in recent months because of how they bridge homeschooling and traditional/public schooling. And of course, it's in S. Austin, where all the other cool and progressive places are. *sigh*

Anyhow, within seconds, Domi's is engaged in heavy conversation with the gal behind the table and is making a 'PEEP'. I browse around and love love LOVE what I see on their tables. Items made by their students from The Game of Village which is a large part of their curriculum. I'm definitely intrigued.

I then overhear her ask him, "Are you homeschooled?"

He continues working on his peep and says, "Nope. Public school"

She looks surprised. By then, I've joined them both, she looks at me and says

"Wow, his knowledge on Templars and history is exceptional. You don't see this often."

I said, "Really? Did he also tell you about the novel he's writing on the topic?"







Yep, here's my guy, holding his peep (whom he named The Scarlet Templar), facial stubb and all, who still gets into the spirit of imaginative play.



Mia's Mama said...

What a great time. Glad Sophia let you stay a while. We went last year and Mia had a blast.
Love Domi's peep and just how freakin cool and creative he is....without even trying :)

Christina said...

That place looks incredible! Wow. I might have to come down there for it sometime!

C-man and Mama said...

Must have been a dream for Domi and a little crafty fun for mama too!

anja said...

wow what an awesome event! I will NOT miss it next year, I nagged Dhaval for a long time about going...next time, I'll go on my own. So annoying...the amount of times I've led him to the water and he just won't drink it!

Anyway not to vent in your comment box..the pics look FAB!

MGF said...

That fair looks so cool.
I really like the processing you did for th all the pictures, they go well together.

I just read the Tuesday Funny post and got a good morning laugh.

Vick said...

Maker Faire looks awesome - I'll have to take Bean next year.

That school is intriguing, too. Maybe you should open one way up here in BFE :)