October 18, 2008

Halftime Madness

At Friday's football game, I decided to head down into the front part of the stands to capture the brass and drums playing their Metal Shop to the crowds after their halftime performance. The band starts by the right hand side of the stands, plays the rockin' tune, and then walk toward the middle, and then play it again, until they reach the other end of the stands. What I didn't realize was, within minutes, I would be caught in the middle of a stampede of testosterone-laden highschool guys. Initially, I thought it was a multi-guy group fight, but had to remind myself, I wasn't in El Paso, at my old high school. ;)

Either way, it got so rowdy, my brother had to literally stand guard behind me, so I wouldn't get pushed (I was more worried about my camera, than being jostled around a bit). Luckily, it lasted for only a few moments, and then the herd of buffalos moved on.

Gotta love Friday nights in high school, eh?
At least I know my kid is out on the field.




You can see a bit of the stampede at the end (before I realized what it was).





Seeking Sara said...

looks like a ton of fun out there, in the stands and on the field! :)

Mia's Mama said...

How CrAzY! Sounds like you were in a mosh pit...do they still have those?
Fab shots...and yay to your bro for being your bodyguard! :)

Vick said...

Make that testosterone-laden *college* guys and I'd have cheerfully traded places with you :)

anja said...

wow looks like a fun time! Love the B&W picture of the stampeding boys=)